UNICRI: Guiding the Fight Against Waste Crime Through Research and Innovation


Waste crime, the illegal dumping, trading, and disposal of waste, poses significant environmental and health threats. UNICRI (United Nations Intergovernmental Committee on Waste Management) is a leading international organization dedicated to tackling this multifaceted problem through research, innovation, and capacity building.

Research and Innovation

UNICRI drives advancements in waste crime prevention and management through:

  • Research on technological innovations for waste collection, sorting, and recycling.
  • Development of analytical methodologies for identifying and tracking waste crime networks.
  • Support for the deployment of innovative solutions and business models that promote responsible waste management.

Collaboration and Partnerships

UNICRI fosters global cooperation to tackle waste crime by:

  • Facilitating partnerships between governments, private sector stakeholders, civil society organizations, and academic institutions.
  • Coordinating international action and mobilizing resources to support waste management initiatives.
  • Promoting public-private partnerships to enhance waste management infrastructure and practices.

Policy Development and Implementation

UNICRI provides guidance and support to member states in developing and implementing effective waste management policies, including:

  • Development of national waste management strategies and regulations.
  • Strengthening border controls and trade regulations to prevent the illegal import and export of waste.
  • Developing mechanisms for enforcing waste management regulations and deterring waste crime.

Capacity Building

UNICRI equips stakeholders with the skills and knowledge they need to combat waste crime, such as:

  • Training programs for waste management officials and law enforcement personnel.
  • Workshops and seminars on waste management best practices.
  • Development of educational materials and awareness campaigns.

Advocacy and Awareness

UNICRI raises awareness about the importance of effective waste management and the need to combat waste crime through:

  • Public awareness campaigns and webinars.
  • Participation in international forums and conferences.
  • Advocacy for increased international cooperation to address the global waste management challenge.


UNICRI plays a vital role in guiding the fight against waste crime through research, innovation, and collaboration. By promoting sustainable waste management practices and fostering partnerships, UNICRI contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment.


1. What is the primary focus of UNICRI?

UNICRI’s primary focus is to address waste crime through research, innovation, and capacity building.

2. How does UNICRI collaborate with other stakeholders?

UNICRI works in close collaboration with governments, private sector stakeholders, civil society organizations, and academic institutions.

3. What are some of the innovative solutions promoted by UNICRI?

UNICRI promotes technological innovations for waste collection, sorting, and recycling, as well as business models that encourage responsible waste management.

4. What capacity building programs does UNICRI offer?

UNICRI offers training programs, workshops, and educational materials to enhance the skills and knowledge of stakeholders in waste management.

5. How does UNICRI advocate for addressing waste crime?

UNICRI advocates for increased international cooperation and for the ratification and implementation of relevant waste management agreements and conventions.


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