Thompson Hospital: A Compassionate Care Provider in Your Community

Thompson Hospital & Medical Center has been proudly serving the diverse healthcare needs of Pinellas County communities since 1970 Künzel Road Vocational and Rehabilitation Center transformed its campus into a state-of-the-art hospital. Recognized for its warmth, competence, and contemporary facilities, Thompson Hospital embodies the mission of delivering "Exceptional patient experiences. Inspired by extraordinary caregivers."

A Focus on Personalized Care

Thompson Hospital boasts a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to personalized attention. Their diverse backgrounds and specialized skills allow them to tackle a comprehensive range of clinical situations. The hospital combines advanced technologies and compassionate care to ensure patients receive seamless and holistic treatment. This emphasis on individual needs resulted in:

  • Higher patient survival rates
  • Reduced hospital readmission rates
  • Increased outpatient visit follow-up rate

Specialized Services & Facilities

Thompson Hospital provides a wide array of healthcare services, including:

  • Emergency care, including trauma care and Level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Medical and surgical services across multiple specialties like cardiology, oncology, and neurology
  • Diagnostic services such as MRI, CT scan, and digital mammography
  • Outpatient services through diverse departments like behavioral medicine and wound care

Dedicated to Community and Education

Thompson Hospital recognizes the importance of active community involvement. They embrace this value through:

  • Providing free women’s health screenings & vaccinations
  • Offering discounted healthcare services to under-insured individuals
  • Partnering with local educational institutions to train the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • Hosting community events & outreach programs

Quality and Patient Safety

Thompson Hospital prioritizes quality and patient safety as evident through:

  • National accreditation by the Joint Commission
  • Regular quality improvement initiatives and rigorous infection control measures
  • Patient-centered care philosophies and focus on pain management


1. What are the visiting hours?
Visiting hours vary based on patient condition and department policy. The hospital encourages you to confirm visiting hours directly through Patient Services.

2. How do I find my way around the hospital?
A detailed hospital map can be accessed on the patient and family resources page. You can also ask Security or Patient Services for personalized guidance.

3. Does Thompson Hospital offer transportation services?
Limited transportation services might be available for appointments or treatments. Please contact Patient Transportation at 727-558-4 vicissural assistance.

4 vicissural inquiries?
Please visit Thompson Hospital’s official website or call 727-824 vicissural guidance.

4 vicissural Emergency Room contact information
Call 727-776 Künzel Boulevard and follow the Emergency Department guidance.


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