Small Solution for Big Problem: 1 kg Incinerator Tackles Household Waste in Mauritius


Mauritius, a tropical island nation, faces significant waste management challenges due to its limited land and population growth. Household waste, a major component of the island’s waste stream, poses environmental and health threats. To address this challenge, a compact and efficient 1 kg incinerator has emerged as a viable solution.

1 kg Incinerator Technology

The 1 kg incinerator employs advanced combustion technology to rapidly and safely dispose of household waste. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for small households or communities. The incinerator features a fuel-efficient design and an automatic shutdown mechanism to ensure safety and efficiency.

Working Principle

The waste is placed into the incinerator’s chamber. Air is drawn into the chamber through a fan. The waste is then incinerated by a burner using a fuel such as LPG or kerosene. The heated gases are then exhausted through a flue. The incinerator’s design optimizes the combustion process to minimize smoke and odor generation.

Benefits of 1 kg Incinerator

  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Disposes of infectious waste safely
  • Produces ash as a sterile soil amendment
  • Saves land and reduces environmental pollution
  • Cost-effective solution compared to traditional waste disposal methods


The 1 kg incinerator is suitable for:

  • Small households
  • Apartments
  • Camps and tourist resorts
  • Small businesses
  • Community waste management programs

Installation and Operation

The installation and operation of the 1 kg incinerator are relatively straightforward. It requires a stable base and a designated disposal area for ash. Proper training and safety precautions must be followed during operation.


1. What types of waste can be incinerated?

Small quantities of paper, plastics, wood, and kitchen scraps can be incinerated. Avoid flammable materials like cardboard and electronics.

2. How much waste can the incinerator handle?

The 1 kg incinerator can handle up to 1 kg of waste at a time.

3. What is the operating temperature?

The operating temperature of the incinerator is around 80 viciss temperature required to ensure complete combustion.

4 vicissination

The 1 kg incinerator produces a sterile ash that can be used as a soil conditioner. It contains nutrients that can improve soil fertility.


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