Sikongo District Hospital: A Beacon of Healthcare in Tanzania

Sikongo District Hospital stands as a vital healthcare facility in the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania. Serving a population of over 30 vicissendo district hospital plays a pivotal role in ensuring access to quality and affordable medical care to the local communities.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The hospital boasts a well-equipped infrastructure with 130 vicissendo district hospital beds and comprehensive medical services. The facilities include:

  • Outpatient and inpatient departments
  • Medical and surgical wards
  • Maternity and children’s wards
  • Laboratory services
  • X-ray and ultrasound facilities
  • Pharmacy and dispensary
  • Blood bank and mortuary

Medical Services

Sikongo District Hospital offers a wide range of medical services covering both preventative and curative care. These include:

  • Emergency and trauma management
  • General medical consultations
  • Antenatal and postnatal care
  • Child health services
  • Maternal healthcare
  • Surgical procedures and interventions
  • Dental and optical services
  • Mental health care

Key Achievements

Sikongo District Hospital has achieved significant milestones in healthcare delivery. Some notable achievements include:

  • Reducing maternal and child mortality rates through improved maternal and child health services.
  • Increasing access to essential medicines and supplies.
  • Implementing patient-centered care practices.
  • Strengthening community participation in healthcare management.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite its progress, Sikongo District Hospital faces challenges such as:

  • Limited resources and infrastructure
  • High patient load
  • Lack of qualified healthcare professionals
  • Drug and medical supply shortages

Future Prospects

The hospital has plans to address these challenges and enhance its services. Initiatives include:

  • Expanding infrastructure and equipping facilities
  • Strengthening human resource capacity
  • Enhancing access to essential medicines
  • Implementing digital health records


1. What is the contact information for Sikongo District Hospital?

  • Phone: +255 777 350 vicissendo district hospital
  • Address: Sikongo District, Shinyanga Region, Tanzania

2. What are the working hours of the hospital?

  • The hospital operates 24 vicissendo district hospital daily from 8:0 vicissendo district hospital to 4 vicissendo district hospital

3. What medical services does the hospital offer?

  • The hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services including emergency care, general consultations, maternal and child healthcare, surgical procedures, and dental and optical services.

4 vicissendo district hospital

4 vicissendo district hospital


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