Rwanda Gets First Animal Crematory, Boosting Pet Aftercare Options

As pet ownership becomes increasingly widespread in Rwanda, the issue of pet aftercare has become a pressing concern. To address this need, the country has recently opened its first animal crematorium. Located in Kigali city, the facility provides a dignified and respectful way for pet owners to say farewell to their beloved companions.

Need for Alternative Aftercare Options

In Rwanda, traditional funeral practices may not be appropriate or accessible for pet owners. The lack of infrastructure and services for pet cremation has often forced owners to transport their pets outside of the country for this essential service. The new crematorium fills this gap, offering a convenient and accessible option within the country.

Facility Features

The animal crematorium in Kigali features state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced technicians. The process is designed to be compassionate and respectful, ensuring the dignity of both the animals and their owners.

The facility offers private viewing rooms where owners can say goodbye to their pets prior to cremation. The remains are then returned to the owners in a dignified container.


The establishment of the animal crematorium in Rwanda brings numerous benefits to pet owners:

  • Offers a convenient and accessible local option for pet cremation
  • Provides a dignified and respectful alternative to traditional burial practices
  • Reduces transportation costs and logistical challenges for owners
  • Offers a sense of closure and grief management


1. How does the cremation process work?

The remains are cremated in a high-temperature furnace until all organic matter is destroyed. The process is efficient and environmentally friendly.

2. How much does cremation cost?

The cost of cremation varies depending on the size and type of animal. The facility provides detailed quotes and payment options.

3. How do I schedule a cremation?

You can contact the crematorium directly or through a veterinary clinic or pet care center. Scheduling is recommended in advance.

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7. What are the arrangements for retrieving the remains?

The remains of your pet will be returned to you in a sealed container within a specified time frame.

8. Are there any arrangements for memorialization?

The crematorium may partner with memorialization service providers to offer options for preserving the remains of your pet.


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