Powering Progress: Understanding the PATH Initiative

The Partnership for A Healthier America (PATH) is a public-private partnership focused on preventing and managing chronic diseases through innovative solutions and equitable access to healthcare. Founded in 1995, PATH has become a globally recognized leader in global health, partnering with governments, private sector, and civil society to tackle intertwined challenges of disease burden and access to healthcare.

Goals and Objectives:

PATH prioritizes two primary goals:

1. To strengthen health systems:

  • Investing in health workforce strengthening
  • Encouraging access to essential medicines and vaccines
  • Enhancing surveillance and data collection for disease control and prevention

2. To achieve health equity:

  • Addressing health disparities by focusing on underserved communities
  • Promoting community-led initiatives and interventions
  • Ensuring equitable access to healthcare and programs

Key Initiatives:

PATH’s diverse portfolio includes ongoing projects in various areas:

  • Disease prevention and control: Developing tools and strategies to combat infectious and non-communicable diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and cervical cancer.
  • Health systems strengthening: Strengthening health systems in developing countries through improved supply chain management, health workforce development, and digital health solutions.
  • Nutrition and maternal and child health: Promoting healthy eating habits in children and mothers, and ensuring access to quality maternal health services.
  • Gender and health: Addressing gender-specific health challenges and empowering women and girls with access to healthcare and leadership opportunities.

Impacts and Successes:

Since its inception, PATH has:

  • Saved over 10 million lives
  • Delivered over 2 billion treatments and vaccines
  • Developed innovative solutions for disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Supported over 350 organizations in 70+ countries

Commitment to Innovation and Collaboration:

PATH thrives on innovation and collaboration. It leverages partnerships with leading researchers, manufacturers, and governments to:

  • Develop cost-effective and accessible technologies
  • Implement comprehensive healthcare interventions
  • Foster sustainable health systems


1. What is PATH’s funding model?

PATH receives funding from a diverse group of donors, including governments, foundations, private corporations, and individuals.

2. Where does PATH work?

PATH works in over 70 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

3. What are PATH’s key partners?

PATH collaborates with governments, private sector, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to achieve its goals.

4. What are PATH’s future plans?

PATH plans to continue building sustainable healthcare systems in underserved communities and addressing pressing global health challenges.



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