Oxfam International: Empowering People, Fighting Inequality


Oxfam International is a global organization working in over 90 developing and wealthy countries to tackle poverty, inequality, and discrimination. Their mission is to empower people to overcome poverty and achieve social justice. Through their work, they address underlying issues, such as power imbalances, lack of opportunity, and climate change, to create lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable.

Origins and History

Oxfam was founded in 1975 in Oxford, UK, as a merger of six existing organizations. It has grown to become one of the largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the world. Today, Oxfam is an independent, non-political, and non-religious organization.

Areas of Focus

Oxfam works in various sectors to tackle different aspects of poverty and inequality. Their key areas of focus include:

  • Livelihoods and food security: Providing access to food, water, sanitation, and income opportunities
  • Health: Improving access to healthcare and promoting healthy practices
  • Child protection: Protecting children from abuse, exploitation, and displacement
  • Climate change: Reducing vulnerability to climate change and promoting sustainable practices
  • Conflict and emergencies: Providing humanitarian assistance to conflict-affected areas

Programmes and Initiatives

Oxfam implements various programmes and initiatives to achieve their goals. These include:

  • Cash transfers: Providing financial assistance to vulnerable households
  • Farmer-led irrigation: Improving access to water for agriculture
  • Skills training: Empowering people with vocational skills
  • Gender equality: Promoting women’s empowerment and tackling gender-based violence
  • Disaster risk reduction: Building resilience to natural disasters

Impact and Achievements

Oxfam has made significant contributions to addressing poverty and inequality. Some notable achievements include:

  • Reaching over 27 million people with COVID-19 relief
  • Providing 1.8 million children with access to quality education
  • Distributing over 8.5 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets to fight malaria
  • Empowering women to own and control assets with targeted interventions


1. What is Oxfam’s funding model?

Oxfam receives funding from individuals, governments, and corporate entities.

2. How can I support Oxfam?

You can support Oxfam through donations, volunteering, advocacy, or campaigning.

3. What is Oxfam’s global reach?

Oxfam operates in over 90 countries, with headquarters in Oxford, UK.

4. What are Oxfam’s core values?

Oxfam’s core values are: equity, integrity, accountability, participation, and sustainability.


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