One Site Service

1. Quick Message via WhatsApp: +8613813931455  (***Message only, call for urgent)

2. Send Message by Email: [email protected]      [email protected]

Send Simple Message Directly:

Send General Technical/Commerce Requirements:

3. The Waste Incinerator Catalogue(* **only part of or basic equipment, update accordingly or make quotation as per technical requirements)

TS Waste Incinerator Catalogue 2021 (PDF)

4. General Technical Optional:

1. Fuel type: Diesel/Natural Gas/LPG
2. Feeding Door: Side/Front/Top
3. Smoke Scrubber: Dry Scrubber/ Wet Scrubber
4. Burning Rate(Capacity): Around 5kgs-1000kgs per hour(per set Incinerator)
5. Chamber Size: 100Liters to 6000Liters(as technical)
6. Containerized, Trailer,Sledge type Incinerator
7. Burn Material: Medical/Animal/Solid,etc
8. Spare Parts and PPE, etc

5. Payment Term: Bank TT with down payment in advance and balance before delivery, the rate as quotation.(*** donot accept any LC payment)

6. Shipping: generally, we can arrange shipping to Destination seaport.

7. Who and Where we are: Original Manufacturer, Nanjing city, China

8. Online Store/Product Gallery:

Contact us with your company basic information, technical and commerce requirements, we will send quotation document accordingly.