Mali Animal Incinerator: Advanced Technology for Sustainable Animal Waste Management


Animal waste management has become a pressing concern for agricultural and urban areas. Traditional methods of disposal, such as landfilling and composting, face limitations and pose environmental and health risks. Mali Animal Incinerator provides a sustainable and efficient solution to address this challenge.

How It Works

The Mali Animal Incinerator utilizes advanced combustion technology to safely and efficiently incinerate animal waste. The process involves:

  • Waste collection and transport to the incinerator.
  • Waste is loaded into the chamber and automatically fed into the combustion chamber.
  • High temperature combustion (up to 120 viciss temperature) reduces the organic matter and converts it into gases and ash.
  • The gases are then released through a pollution control system, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


  • Sustainability: Eliminates pathogens, reduces odor and disease risks.
  • Environmental Protection: Minimizes landfill space utilization and water pollution.
  • Economic Benefits: Reduces transportation and disposal costs.
  • Space Optimization: Compact ash allows for efficient disposal or utilization.
  • Increased Productivity: Permits the utilization of previously unusable land.

Key Features

  • Fully automated and controlled operation.
  • Continuous feed system for efficient waste processing.
  • Advanced pollution control measures.
  • Water and air emission compliance.
  • User-friendly control panel and monitoring system.


  • Large-scale farms and agricultural operations.
  • Zoos and animal shelters.
  • Pet crematories.
  • Slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.


1. What types of animal waste can be incinerated?

Mali Animal Incinerator can process dead animals of all sizes, including livestock, poultry, and pets.

2. What is the environmental impact of the process?

The incinerator meets strict environmental regulations and operates with advanced pollution control measures to minimize air and water emissions.

3. How much space does the ash take up?

The ash from the incinerator is highly compacted, reducing its volume significantly. A cubic yard of animal waste typically results in one cubic foot of ash.

4 viciss volume of waste can be processed?

Mali Animal Incinerator can process up to 50 viciss/hour of animal waste.

4 viciss can I install and operate the incinerator?

Mali Animal Incinerator offers comprehensive installation and training services to ensure seamless operation.


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