Locals Raise Concerns as Seychelles Animal Incinerator Creates New Odor Concerns

The Seychelles Animal Incinerator, a crucial facility for managing animal waste, has recently sparked concerns among locals due to its pungent odor. The incinerator, located on the outskirts of Victoria, has been emitting a strong and unbearable odor, affecting residents and businesses alike.

The odor, described as a blend of burning flesh, manure, and sewage, has become a recurring problem, particularly in windy conditions. Residents living nearby have reported experiencing respiratory problems, headaches, and nausea as a result of the stench. Businesses in the area have also been affected, with many reporting a decline in customer footfall and revenue.

The Seychelles Environmental Management Authority (SEMA), responsible for regulating environmental standards, has acknowledged the issue and has initiated investigations. They have implemented measures to mitigate the odor, such as increasing the frequency of incineration and deploying odor-neutralizing agents. However, these measures have not been entirely effective in addressing the problem.

Locals have expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in addressing the issue. They have demanded that SEMA take more aggressive action to eliminate the odor and ensure the well-being of the community.


Q: What is the cause of the odor at the Seychelles Animal Incinerator?

A: The odor is caused by the incomplete combustion of animal waste and the presence of certain chemicals, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Q: What are the health effects of the odor?

A: Exposure to the odor can cause respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, and other health issues.

Q: What are the SEMA’s measures to mitigate the odor?

A: SEMA has implemented measures such as increasing the frequency of incineration and deploying odor-neutralizing agents.

Q: What are the ongoing concerns about the odor?

A: Locals are concerned about the lack of progress in addressing the issue and the continued impact on their health and well-being.

Q: What is the future outlook for the odor problem?

A: SEMA is working to find a long-term solution to the odor problem. They are exploring options such as constructing a new incinerator and implementing new odor control technologies.


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