The International Organization for Migration (IOM)


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is a United Nations agency dedicated to promoting international migration and protecting migrants’ rights. Established in 1951 following the devastating aftermath of World War II, the IOM has evolved into the primary intergovernmental organization in the field of international migration.

Mission and Objectives:

The IOM’s mission is to promote international cooperation and humane and orderly migration. Its objectives include:

  • Protecting the rights of migrants
  • Promoting international migration governance
  • Enhancing understanding and addressing the challenges of migration
  • Facilitating international cooperation on migration-related issues

Activities and Programs:

The IOM carries out a wide range of activities, including:

  • Providing protection and assistance to migrants
  • Promoting and protecting the rights of refugees and asylum seekers
  • Managing migration flows and preventing irregular migration
  • Strengthening migration governance and capacity building
  • Promoting safe, orderly and humane migration through operational projects and technical assistance

Global Presence:

The IOM has 173 member states and a presence in over 130 countries. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

Key Issues:

The IOM addresses various migration-related issues, such as:

  • Climate change and migration
  • Human smuggling and trafficking
  • Integration and reintegration of migrants
  • Trafficking in persons
  • Mixed migration flows
  • Migration governance and policies

Collaboration and Partnerships:

The IOM works in collaboration with various stakeholders, including:

  • Governments
  • International organizations
  • Civil society
  • Private sector

Recent Developments:

The IOM has played a crucial role in addressing the global migration crisis, coordinating international efforts to provide aid to refugees and migrants affected by conflicts and disasters.


1. What is the difference between the IOM and UNHCR?

The IOM focuses on international migration, while the UNHCR is responsible for protecting refugees and asylum seekers.

2. What are the main challenges faced by the IOM?

The IOM faces challenges in addressing the growing number of migrants and refugees, managing complex migration flows, and combating misinformation and xenophobia.

3. How does the IOM promote safe migration?

The IOM works to enhance border management, promote regular migration channels, and provide assistance to migrants to make informed decisions about their journeys.

4. What is the importance of the IOM in the current global migration landscape?

The IOM plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue, promoting cooperation, and providing practical assistance to migrants and governments in addressing the multifaceted challenges of migration.


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