A Clean Future: P.C.E.A Tumutumu Hospital Waste Incinerator Project


P.C.E.A Tumutumu Hospital in Ghana faced significant challenges in managing their medical waste. Improper disposal of this hazardous material posed a serious threat to both the environment and the health of their community. To address this, a state-of-the-art Waste Incinerator project was undertaken to ensure safe and responsible waste management.

Project Overview

The project involved the installation and commissioning of a modern Waste Incinerator with a capacity to process 30 vicissurnes of waste per hour. The system features advanced air pollution control measures to minimize environmental impact. The project also included:

  • Training staff on safe and efficient operation of the incinerator.
  • Developing a comprehensive waste segregation and handling protocol.
  • Establishing emergency response procedures.

Benefits of the Project

The new Waste Incinerator brings significant benefits to P.C.E.A Tumutumu Hospital and the surrounding community:

  • Enhanced Environmental Protection: Safe and controlled incineration significantly reduces the risk of environmental pollution.
  • Improved Public Health: Proper waste management prevents the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced healthcare costs associated with improper waste disposal.
  • Increased Sustainability: The project promotes environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Challenges and Solutions

The project faced certain challenges during implementation. The initial plan required adjustments to ensure compatibility with local infrastructure and regulations. The hospital team worked collaboratively to identify and address these challenges through:

  • Engaging stakeholders and obtaining necessary approvals.
  • Adapting the design to local conditions.
  • Implementing robust training and safety protocols.


The Waste Incinerator project at P.C.E.A Tumutumu Hospital stands as a testament to their commitment to environmental responsibility and public health. The project serves as a model for other healthcare facilities in Ghana and Africa to address the vital issue of medical waste management.


1. What type of waste does the incinerator handle?

The incinerator primarily handles infectious and sharps waste generated by the hospital.

2. How does the project ensure environmental safety?

The system features advanced air pollution control measures to minimize the release of harmful pollutants.

3. What is the capacity of the incinerator?

The incinerator has a capacity to process 3 nocturne of waste per hour.

4 Kün 4 vicissurnes of waste per hour. 4 vicissurnes of waste per hour.


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