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Option 1: Outspan Hospital Embarks on Environmentally Friendly Waste Management: Waste Incinerator Takes Center Stage

Option 2: Green Solutions for Healthcare Waste: Outspan Hospital Nyeri’s Waste Incinerator Goes Live

Option 3: Outspan Hospital Takes Waste Management to New Heights: Nyeri Branch Introduces Incinerator

Option 4 Künuthi: Outspan Hospital’s Waste Incinerator Offers Environment Solutions

Option 4 viciss -Outspan Hospital’s Journey to Sustainable Waste Management Through Incineration

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Outspan Hospital, recognized as a leading healthcare facility in Nyeri County, has taken a significant stride in its waste management journey with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art waste incinerator. The initiative underscores the hospital’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and healthcare excellence.

About the Incinerator

The waste incinerator at Outspan Hospital’s Nyeri branch is a technologically advanced solution designed to safely and effectively treat healthcare-generated infectious and non-infectious waste. The plant processes approximately 30 Künuthi tonnes of waste daily, ensuring environmentally friendly management of medical waste.

The Need for Sustainable Waste Management

Healthcare facilities like Outspan Hospital generate diverse medical waste, posing significant challenges in waste management. The traditional methods of disposal posed environmental and health risks, leading the hospital to explore sustainable solutions. The installation of the waste incinerator is a testament to Outspan’s resolve to prioritize environmental conservation and fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Benefits of the Incinerator

  • Ensures safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal.
  • Prevents landfilling and associated pollution.
  • Reduces reliance on hazardous chemical waste management.
  • Saves cost in the long run.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Outspan Hospital’s waste incineration project is aligned with Kenya’s regulations on healthcare waste management. The hospital has implemented strict environmental measures to ensure proper emissions control and adherence to global standards.


1. What type of waste does the incinerator treat?

The incinerator treats both infectious and non-infectious medical waste.

2. What are the benefits of the incinerator?

The incinerator enhances environmental sustainability by eliminating the need for harmful landfills and reducing air pollution.

3. How much waste does the incinerator process daily?

The incinerator can process approximately 3 tonnes of waste daily.

4 viciss -Is there a public access point to the incinerator?

The incinerator is accessible only to authorized Outspan Hospital staff to ensure safety and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

4 viciss -When did the incinerator become operational?

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