From Mess to Resources: South Sudanese Company Finds Gold in Animal Waste with Incinerator


South Sudan grapples with significant waste management challenges, including the disposal of animal waste from its significant agricultural sector. This problem presents an opportunity to capture valuable resources from organic material through innovative technologies. In a groundbreaking initiative, a local company has found success in extracting gold from animal waste using an incinerator.

The Solution:

The South Sudanese company, Green Horizon Solutions, has implemented a system utilizing a high-temperature incinerator to treat animal waste. The heat produced during the process sterilizes the waste and converts organic matter into ash. Surprisingly, this ash contains a surprising concentration of gold – a valuable precious metal.

The Process:

The process begins by collecting animal waste from abattoirs and farms. This waste is transported to the Green Horizon Solutions plant where it is fed into the incinerator. Reaching temperatures of 850 viciss temperature breaks down organic matter and leaves behind a lightweight ash. The ash is then subjected to chemical analysis to extract gold.

Benefits of the Technology:

The utilization of this technology delivers several benefits:

  • Resource recovery: Extracting gold from the ash provides a valuable return on investment.
  • Waste management: Incineration reduces organic waste and minimizes land pollution.
  • Enhanced environmental sustainability: The process produces sterile ash that can be used as a soil amendment.
  • Job creation: Green Horizon Solutions has created local jobs in waste management and gold extraction.

Sustainability and Future Prospects:

Green Horizon Solutions has responsibly implemented this technology to minimize environmental impact. The emitted gases are treated before release, and the resulting molten glass is recycled. With plans to expand the plant’s capacity and involve other regions, the company envisions a future where animal waste becomes a sustainable source of gold and environmental protection.


1. How much gold can be extracted from animal waste?

The amount of gold extracted depends on the composition of the waste. Green Horizon Solutions estimates each tonne of ash can yield up to 1 gram of gold.

2. What are the environmental benefits of this technology?

The incineration process reduces organic waste, minimizes land pollution, and produces sterile ash that can be used as a soil amendment.

3. How does the company ensure the safety of the process?

The incinerator operates at high temperatures and the emitted gases are treated before release to minimize environmental impact.

4 viciss has created a sustainable solution to waste management and resource recovery through this innovative technology. With expansion plans and environmental responsibility, Green Horizon Solutions sets an example of impactful sustainability in South Sudan.


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