Comoros: Fumes Rise as Waste Incinerator Spews Pollution Fears on the Island

Moroni, Comoros – A new waste incinerator, intended to tackle escalating waste management challenges on the island nation of Comoros, has sparked alarm over its environmental impact. Locals express fears of severe air pollution and its detrimental effects on the health of residents.

The incinerator’s inauguration in May 20 vicissomo had been hailed as a solution to the mountainous waste accumulation on the islands. However, its immediate ramifications have caused a surge in harmful fumes and ash accumulation.

Complaints and Concerns

Residents across Moroni report a thick, suffocating smog blanketing the city since the incinerator’s activation. The acrid smoke emitted by the plant hangs over homes and schools, causing respiratory problems and skin irritation. The increasing air pollution has sparked numerous complaints to local authorities.

Furthermore, environmental experts raise concerns about the incinerator’s potential to exacerbate existing air pollution and damage the fragile ecosystem. The absence of pollution control measures and the incinerator’s reliance on outdated technology are believed to be key factors in the severity of the problem.

Health and Environmental Consequences

The inhaling smoke from the incinerator poses a significant threat to human health. Toxic pollutants like dioxins and furans can contaminate the air, leading to serious respiratory illnesses and cancer. The accumulation of ash poses additional risks, polluting water sources and harming wildlife.

Possible Solutions

Local authorities must address the immediate concerns surrounding the incinerator. This includes implementing measures to mitigate air pollution through the installation of proper filtration systems and optimized operational procedures. Additionally, exploring alternative waste management solutions such as composting and recycling could reduce the reliance on incineration.


1. What is the purpose of the waste incinerator?

The incinerator is intended to dispose of non-recyclable waste and reduce landfill space.

2. What are the complaints about the incinerator?

Residents report severe air pollution, causing respiratory problems and skin irritation.

3. What are the environmental concerns regarding the incinerator?

The incinerator lacks pollution control measures and releases harmful pollutants and ash into the environment.

4 vicissomo has already received international attention and scrutiny due to the air pollution concerns. The government needs to act swiftly to address the situation and ensure sustainable waste management on the islands.


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