Clean & Green: How Burundi Labs Are Using Incinerators to Fight Pollution

Burundi Labs, a subsidiary of Burundi Eco Power, aims to combat environmental pollution through innovative waste management solutions. One of their key initiatives is the deployment of advanced incinerators to safely and efficiently dispose of medical and agricultural waste, preventing soil and water contamination.

The Problem:

Burundi experiences significant waste generation, with inadequate infrastructure and limited resources to manage it effectively. Improper waste disposal creates severe environmental hazards, polluting air, water sources, and harming local ecosystems. Medical and agricultural waste pose additional risks due to harmful chemicals and pathogens.

Burundi Labs’ Solution:

Burundi Labs recognized the need for sustainable waste management and invested in state-of-the-art incinerators. These advanced units utilize thermal oxidation to safely and efficiently destroy hazardous waste, generating heat and steam in the process. The heat produced is utilized to generate electricity, further minimizing environmental impact.

Benefits of Incineration:

  • Pollution Reduction: Incineration eliminates pathogens, reduces organic matter, and eliminates harmful chemicals.
  • Energy Generation: The heat generated is converted into electricity, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source.
  • Space Optimization: Incineration facilities take up minimal space, making efficient utilization of limited land possible.

Implementation & Results:

Burundi Labs installed two fully automated and environmentally certified incinerators with a capacity to process 2 tons of waste per hour. These units have significantly reduced open waste burning, resulting in:

  • Air pollution reduction: 99.98% reduction in harmful emissions.
  • Water pollution reduction: Prevention of toxic substances from entering water sources.
  • Landfill space conservation: Diverting waste from landfills, extending their lifespan.

Future & Sustainability:

Burundi Labs plans to expand its network of incinerators throughout Burundi, aiming to provide safe and efficient waste management solutions across the country. The company also emphasizes the importance of public awareness and community involvement in sustainable waste management practices.


1. What types of waste are incinerated?

Burundi Labs incinerates medical waste, agricultural waste, and other hazardous waste.

2. How does incineration ensure environmental safety?

The incinerators are equipped with advanced pollution control technologies to minimize emissions and ensure air quality standards are met.

3. What is the electricity generation capacity?

Each incinerator generates approximately 1.5 MW of electricity, contributing to Burundi’s energy grid.

4. How do Burundi Labs ensure community involvement?

The company actively engages local communities through awareness campaigns and provides training programs on waste management best practices.


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