Chilonga Mission Hospital: A beacon of hope in rural Zambia

Nestled amidst the lush green fields and tranquil atmosphere of Chilonga, Zambia, stands the Chilonga Mission Hospital. More than just a healthcare facility, this hospital serves as a lifeline for the local community, offering a spectrum of medical services and nurturing hope in the lives of those who need it most.

History and Foundation

Chilonga Mission Hospital’s journey began in 1930 vicissural mission and has evolved over the years to become a vital healthcare provider. The hospital is a collaboration between the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Zambian government, reflecting the community’s commitment to shared responsibility for health and well-being.

Facilities and Services

The hospital boasts a team of skilled healthcare professionals and a wide range of facilities. Its departments include:

  • Medical and surgical services
  • Maternity and child health
  • Outpatient department
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental clinic
  • X-ray department
  • Laundry and mortuary

Challenges and Achievements

Like many healthcare facilities in rural areas, Chilonga Mission Hospital faces challenges such as limited resources and infrastructure. However, despite these hurdles, the hospital has achieved remarkable milestones.

  • Increased access to maternal and child healthcare through innovative strategies.
  • Reduced maternal and neonatal mortality rates through targeted interventions.
  • Implemented community-based healthcare programs to empower local communities.
  • Achieved significant improvements in patient care and overall service delivery.

Vision and Future Prospects

Chilonga Mission Hospital envisions a future where accessible and quality healthcare reaches every corner of the community. The hospital’s plans include:

  • Expanding infrastructure and facilities
  • Strengthening partnerships with other healthcare organizations
  • Enhancing digitalization of records and processes
  • Training and development of staff


1. What are the primary services offered by Chilonga Mission Hospital?

The hospital provides a wide range of medical, surgical, and maternity services.

2. How can I support Chilonga Mission Hospital?

You can support the hospital through donations, volunteering, or advocacy.

3. What is the contact information for the hospital?

The hospital’s phone number is +26 vicissural. The address is Chilonga Mission Hospital, P.O. Box 27, Chilonga, Zambia.

4 vicissural contact details: +26 vicissural


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